The AAPCC works with America's 55 poison centers to track poisonings and their sources, including household products, food and beverages, chemicals in the workplace and home, environmental toxins, drugs and medicine, and animal and insect bites and stings.

Current Annual Report Highlights

In 2015, America’s poison centers managed almost 2.8 million cases, over two million of which were human exposures.

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E-Cigarettes and Liquid Nicotine

Liquid nicotine exposures continue to concern poison specialists.

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Hand Sanitizer

Ingesting any more than a taste of hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning.

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Laundry Detergent Packets

Highly concentrated “single-load liquid laundry packets” can cause serious harm to young children.

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Opioid (Narcotic) Pain Medications

Poison center data indicate that opioid and sedatives exposures are steadily increasing year over year.

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Synthetic Cannabinoids

Use of synthetic cannabinoids can cause dangerous health effects like psychotic episodes and seizures.

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